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Congratulations on your upcoming move!

As part of your relocation process, please consider insurance to protect your valuables while being loaded, transported and unloaded.

Why is moving insurance a smart choice?

Accidents happen, and even the most careful movers can end up with broken and damaged items. Renters and homeowners policies often do not cover your items once they've left your home, and moving companies are only liable for $0.60 per pound, per article. So, if a 100-pound item is damaged, your moving company is only liable for $60 (100 lbs. x $0.60).

How can help

Established in 2004, is your moving company's third party insurance partner. We provide insurance for moves of all types and sizes. You can choose to insure your entire shipment or just specific items. We offer full replacement coverage to make sure your valuables are properly covered.

Get Coverage

Chat or call 888-893-8835, ext. 501 to speak with a moving insurance specialist.