prides itself on including only quality movers in its network. Every moving company is monitored daily and ranked internally, to ensure we provide you the best coverage with the lowest risk possible.

Following is a list of our top moving companies. These affiliates are listed alphabetically and are included in this list based on many factors measured internally by the system. The primary parameters used in determining the top affiliates are Loss Ratio and Loss Frequency *.

This list of moving companies is updated in real time and may change from time to time. To prevent confusion, and as a courtesy to the top moving companies, we list these companies alphabetically.

We want to emphasize that although only few companies appear on this list, we are extremely comfortable and satisfied with the remaining hundreds of moving companies listed in our system. All of these companies show a positive loss experience, which means that they meet our requirements as well as the requirements of our insurance carriers.

To review a list of all Our Certified Affiliates, please click here.


* The Loss Ratio is the amount of money paid in claims versus the amount of money collected in premiums.
The Loss Frequency is the number of claims filed versus the number of insurance certificates sold.