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Is Moving Insurance, LLC licensed to sell insurance?

Yes, Moving Insurance, LLC is a licensed insurance entity, with a Property and Casualty insurance license, obtained in the state of NJ. Our agency is licensed to sell insurance in 50 states.

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How does Moving Insurance, LLC choose its affiliates?

The process of adding a moving affiliate to our network starts in most cases with a referral or a contact made by one of our experienced account managers. After a pre-qualification and interview process, the moving company is being evaluated for approval by our Risk management department and only after it completed the application process and submitted all necessary documentation, it is added to our network. Some of our requirements are: proper licenses, adequate recruiting and training procedures, strong and experienced management, positive claims history, just to name a few.

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Is your Insurance application process really automatic?

Well, the process is not automatic, but it is done all online, paper free. The consumer insured could complete and purchase insurance in less than 15 minutes, without getting the moving company involved.

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What are the benefits for an insurance producers to become one of Moving Insurance, LLC's providers?

One of the main benefits is our system ability to limit the Loss Ratio to a specific and pre-determined level, allowing an automatic elimination of the moving company from the network, once it crossed the determined level. This feature allows the insurance producer to constantly remain profitable. There is also, of course, the aspect of opening the market for the insurance carrier, to new avenue and source of business, directly to the consumer.

For other benefits, please contact our office to discuss.

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Can we, as insurance producers determine the premium rate?

The premium rates are determined by the underwriter in agreement with Moving Insurance, LLC and than presented to the insureds. Moving Insurance, LLC acts as a program manager, representing the insureds, on one hand, making sure the rates are fair and competitive, and on the other, protecting the underwriter with the goal to allow it to profit from this program.

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How do we, as insurance producers, control the quality of the moving companies' network?

We have two systems in place to manage the quality of our network, so you don't have to be concerned with it. One, is our Quality Control and Loss Prevention programs, which follow a moving company from its first day on our network to ensure the bottom-line; low to minimum Loss Ratio. The second, is our online technology, which detects a moving company once it reaches or passes our pre-determined Loss Ratio. In the latter case, the moving company will suffer consequences, as determined by the underwriter and Moving Insurance, LLC.

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