Certified Affiliate Program Certified Affiliate Program
The Certified Affiliate Program is a unique program that identifies and acknowledges moving and relocation companies for their excellent service in regards to handling their clients' shipments.

The Program Measures Two Main Parameters:

  1. Loss Ratio - The settlement amount paid for claims on behalf of the moving company as compared with the premiums written for the applicable policies.
  2. Claims Frequency - The number of claims settled on behalf of the moving company as compared with the number of policies issued for clients of this company.

Acceptable Industry Levels vs. Levels:

The moving industry's acceptable levels for Loss Ratio are 60-70% and 25-30% for Claims Frequency. At, we ask more from our affiliates. We require a moving company to be at a level of 30% or lower for Loss Ratio and 20% for Claims Frequency.

Every affiliate who joins our network must be pre-qualified and audited for licensing on a state (Intrastate) and/or federal (Interstate) level. They must also prove acceptable Loss Ratio and Claims Frequency records for at least three years prior to becoming one of our certified affiliates. Companies must carry their own insurance, specifically related to Cargo, Warehouseman, Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Moving companies are also required to participate in our Risk Control Programô. Developed by our moving and relocation experts, it is based on years of experience in the industry and is monitored on a day-to-day basis. This program ensures the moving companies properly handle their clients' shipments, starting from the process of hiring their employees to specific methods of packing, loading, hauling and unloading their clients' shipments.

How Does the Shipper Benefit?

The shipper gets peace of mind and assurance that the company they choose for their move is licensed, insured and adheres to all state and federal regulations. Certification by assures the shipper gets a higher level of service during all stages of their move. While we cannot promise every move to be claim-free, we do guarantee that companies certified by us are expected to perform higher than industry standards require.

Steps We Take To Qualify a Moving Company has created a thorough and strict process of qualifying moving companies that seek to be a part of our system. Our main goal is to maintain a network of moving carriers that generate a positive loss experience. To maintain these high standards, we select and certify only the best moving companies available. Some of the requirements to become an affiliate with us include the following:

  1. The moving company must carry a valid Moving license, state or federal, for at least one year.
  2. The moving company must carry valid and sufficient insurance for its trucks, cargo, storage, and operations.
  3. The loss experience history of each moving company is investigated for at least the past 3 years, to verify quality of operation.
  4. We check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of each moving company and accept only companies with a satisfactory rating (we do not require that the moving company be a BBB member, though).
  5. We discuss the companyís operations with the owners and managers to explore how household goods shipments are being handled.
  6. We require the moving company sign an agreement with us, highlighting our programís requirements. Although there is no fee to join our program, we feel this agreement along with the ongoing monitoring of each certified affiliate is a solid base for our risk management program.
  7. After investigating all required and provided data, our Risk Management department evaluates the information and, based on the insurance carrierís guidelines, makes a decision whether to approve or not approve a moving company into our system.
  8. Once a moving company is listed with us, they become a Certified Affiliate, and are monitored on a daily basis for their loss experience, ensuring that they are always up to our exceptional standards of quality.

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