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How do we benefit by partnering with Moving Insurance, LLC? is the only online application available today in the marketplace, which provides consumers, while moving from one residence to another, with the ability to purchase moving insurance online.

Moving companies, as Moving Insurance, LLC's partners, will benefit by providing their customers with an essential service, by eliminating the need to obtain a claims department, and most importantly, by financially profiting from every policy purchased by their customers via Moving Insurance's website.

In addition, Moving Insurance, LLC is the only insurance broker in the moving industry, that maintains a Risk Management department with the goal of continuously training and supporting the moving companies in reducing their exposure to risks and claims.

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What are the requirements to become a partner in Moving Insurance, LLC's network?

The requirements are:

  • Be licensed to provide moving services at least one year on date of application.
  • Licensed to perform moving services in a specific state (Intrastate), out of state (Interstate) or internationally.
  • Financially sound and stable.
  • Obtain a positive claim loss history for the past 3 years.
  • Be a member of a nationally recognized arbitration association (AMSA, BBB, etc.)
  • Maintain a required level of loss level while participating in the program.
  • Adhere to and accept Moving Insurance's Risk Management policy and support.

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How long does it take to complete the application and join Moving Insurance, LLC?

Once we received the complete application form and all necessary supporting documents, Moving Insurance, LLC will run its own verification process and issue a decision within 5-7 business days.

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Once we are linked to your system, how can we monitor insurance certificates and premiums purchased by our customers via Moving Insurance, LLC's website?

Each moving company will assign a contact person, which by creating an account on our system, could login anytime 24/7/365, using his/ her username and password. While logged in they could review all relevant information.

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What is the latest opportunity for our customers to purchase moving insurance prior to their move date?

We recommend that customers purchase the insurance policy no later than one week prior to their moving date. However, our system allows (while it is not recommended) last minute purchases.

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What type of insurance is provided via Moving Insurance, LLC?

Moving Insurance, LLC provides the consumers with a variety of insurance programs to cover all aspects of their move. Among these options are Household Goods protection, Auto Shipping, Storage, Sets and Pairs, and Mechanical and Electrical Derangement. These insurance options are offered for domestic coverage (Intrastate and Interstate), as well as international moves, and cover surface, rail, sea and air shipping methods.

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Who are the insurance companies participating in Moving Insurance, LLC's network?

The insurance companies in our network are companies who underwrite the Ocean and Inland Marine policies, which are used for Transit Insurance for consumers' shipments while in the moving process.

These companies have been screened by Moving Insurance, LLC to ensure their rates, policies and claims settlement procedures suit the needs of our moving companies affiliates and their customers.

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What is the agreement commitment once we join Moving Insurance, LLC's network?

Moving Insurance, LLC requests a One (1) year contract commitment with 30 days Notice Of Cancellation.

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What is the cost to join Moving Insurance, LLC's network?

There is no cost to join Moving Insurance, LLC's network.

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Can we eliminate our current insurance broker once we join Moving Insurance, LLC's network?

Moving Insurance, LLC IS NOT a replacement for your current insurance broker. We provide moving insurance to your customers but we DO NOT handle claims or suits filed against you. Therefore we recommend you maintain the relationship with your current insurance broker.

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Who handles claims submitted by our customers?

All claims submitted by your clients who purchased moving insurance on our site, will be handled by our network of insurance brokers representing the insurance companies.

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Are we involved in any way during the claims process?

Once a claim is filed by an insured (your customer), the claims adjuster handling the claim will contact a representative at your company. The representative will be informed of the claim details and be given a One (1) time option to handle the claim on his/ her own on behalf of your company. Should this option be denied by your representative, he/ she will be requested to provide the claims adjuster all relevant and necessary documents accompanying the said shipment.

At the time when the claim is resolved, the claims adjuster will contact your representative, as well as Moving Insurance, LLC to inform them of the settlement result.

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What prompts a removal of a moving company from Moving Insurance, LLC's network?

A moving company could be eliminated from the network should they not maintain the loss ratio requirements. In other words, should a moving company create a Dollar amount loss greater than is allowed by the insurance companies, it would face the following potential consequences (one, a few, or all):

    -Placement on a fixed time period conditional agreement
    -Limitation of size of policies allowed to be sold to their customers

A moving company could also face elimination from our program for not adhering to our Associate Agreement, specifically in regards to maintaining its own insurance, its moving licenses and following up on claims paperwork and subrogation requests (if relevant).

All above measurements are the sole discretion of Moving Insurance, LLC and its insurance providers.

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Who is responsible for installing the link on our website and who is responsible for its maintenance? will provide banners and a unique URL for your company, but is not responsible for adding the banner(s) to your website. Your unique URL allows customers who click on our banner and visit our site to automatically select your company as their mover without having to select from the list of all available movers. is NOT responsible for installing or maintaining your company’s website, including the installation of our banner. Your technical staff can easily add our banner in a few minutes to your existing website.

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Can insurance be purchased by one of our representatives, on behalf of our customer?

Yes, insurance could be purchased by one of your representatives, as long as all necessary details were provided and all agreements and disclosures are accepted and signed for.

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